What is Causing Brown Grass?

What is Causing Brown Grass?

October 27, 2021

There is nothing that stands out more to the eye than dead grass. It draws our attention right away & gives the wrong idea about your business or home. Below are reasons that your grass could be turning brown & ways to try & avoid this in the future.


Constant enemies of your healthy lawn are even healthier weeds. Often they will sprout up & leech the nutrients from the soil meant for your yard.


Sometimes brown grass is only a symptom of its care. Make sure your lawnmower’s blades are sharp, & only cut one-third of the grass’s total height.


In the hottest summer months, your lawn stores more nutrients in the roots, & when the weather cools down, the grass will again turn green.


Believe it or not, your lawn can become sick & die because of lawn disease. It will start as a small spot, expanding outwards to the rest of the property. One possible cause of this is a fungus.


Insects can be the reason your green grass is turning brown. These pests may be found in the grass, feeding on it & depriving it of nutrients.


Herbicides help kill weeds & unwanted plants; however, the wrong herbicides can cause your lawn to turn yellow or brown.

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