8 Benefits of Using Pond Dye

8 Benefits of Using Pond Dye

March 22, 2022

Maintaining a pond or lake is a lot of work. The water can easily become algae-filled, cloudy, and colored an ugly shade of brown. When that’s the case, no amount of landscaping can rescue the unattractive aesthetic. 

To dramatically improve the quality and appearance of pond water, add pond dye. It’s the ultimate maintenance shortcut towards a gorgeous, healthy body of water. 

What Is Pond Dye?

Pond dye is a colorant that improves the appearance and quality of the water in a pond, lake, fountain, or other aquatic feature. Pond dye is applied to water in liquid or water-soluble forms. The product is poured or tossed into the water, where it then self-disperses over the course of a few hours. 

Pond dye makes the water more colorful and vibrant while reducing the growth of algae and aquatic plants. 

Here are eight benefits of using pond dye. 

1: Improves Water Color

Pond dye infuses water with a burst of color. Cloudy, brown, or green water transforms into a beautiful and inviting shade of blue or a brilliant, mirror-like black. Pond dye completely revitalizes the aesthetic of a pond and its surrounding environment. 

2: Prevents Algae Overgrowth

Ponds and lakes are often plagued by algae, resulting from  excessive nutrients and sunlight. By coloring the water’s surface , pond dye prevents sunlight from penetrating the water column. This shading process blocks photosynthesis, thus reducing algae growth substantially. 

3: Safe to Use

Solaron™ pond dye is non-hazardous and non-toxic. 

The worst thing that could happen while you use pond dye is that it might stain your clothes. When pouring liquid dye, some splashing occurs and stains are common. So, wear gloves and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Or, use a water-soluble packet that you simply toss into the water. 

About 24 hours after adding dye to a pond or lake, the product is diluted and will no longer cause stains. Nor will pond dye leave stains on concrete pond fixtures. 

Pond-dyed water shouldn’t be used as drinking water, but it’s safe for agricultural, recreational, and fishing use. Do your pets enjoy jumping into your pond? Just keep them out of the water until the 24-hour staining period passes. 

4: Safe for Wildlife

Pond dye is safe for fish and other aquatic wildlife. Dye is even safe for use in aquaculture and fish-farming water. In fact, reducing sunlight penetration through the water makes fish less vulnerable to predators such as birds and cats. 

5: Reduces Time Spent on Maintenance

Pond maintenance requires a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. This is especially true during spring and summer when warm weather contributes to plant and algae growth. Algae blooms result in cloudy, unattractive water. 

Pond dye is the simplest, most efficient way to improve water quality. Applying dye is incredibly easy—just dump it in—but does wonders for controlling algae and improving the quality and appearance of your water. 

6: Can Be Used Year-Round

Pond dyes can be used throughout the year, regardless of the weather. However, for best dilution results, add dye during weeks when freezing temperatures are not expected. 

7: Multiple Color Options

Solaron™ pond dye comes in these three colors:

  • Black dye creates a mirror effect on the water’s surface
  • Blue dye accentuates the features in the water, drawing out natural beauty
  • Red dye is great for special events, team pride, or business branding 

Depending on conditions, the color remains vibrant for 1-3 months. 

8: Makes Business Premises More Attractive 

If your water feature is part of a business setting, such as a country club or office park, you don’t want to present murky, cloudy water to your guests. A well-maintained property—with beautiful, colorful water—demonstrates credibility and creates an inviting atmosphere. 

Transforming Your Pond or Lake With Pond Dye

For your next pond dye purchase, shop with Solarogen.  We’re a family-owned lawn and landscape supplier headquartered in North Carolina and serving customers around the USA. 

Solarogen was founded to serve a market need for environmentally-friendly dyes and colorants. 

Our Solaron Pond Dyes are available as water-soluble packets or in liquid dye form. Choose from gallon jugs for larger ponds or 2 oz concentrate packets for small koi ponds. 

Solaron™ pond dyes are super easy to use, non-toxic, and non-hazardous to wildlife, pets, and humans.