Solaron™ Pond Dye

Solaron™ Pond Dye: You're Only Limited by Your Imagination

One of the most innovative forms of landscape design to hit the market is pond dye simply due to its versatility and ease of use. Use it to celebrate a special occasion, create a focal point out of your water feature or rehabilitate the look of a fountain or reflection pool. Whatever the purpose, its clear that pond dyes can add personality to your landscape.

  • Black Pond Dye: Highlights your surrounding landscape, acting as a mirror, your pond will reflect the beauty around it.
  • Blue Pond Dye: Accentuates your water features. The blue color will draw out the natural beauty of your pond, fountain, or lake.
  • Red Pond Dye: Perfect for special occasions. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, representing your favorite sports team, or supporting a local awareness campaign, the red dye will add personality to your yard.

From Bird Baths to Koi Ponds We've Got a Package for It

Solaron™ Pond Dyes aren't just cool to look at, they're easy to use too. Choose from our great delivery options like water-soluble dye packets that are packaged in resealable foil pouches. Liquid dyes are available in 1.0-gallon plastic jugs and a 2.0-ounce concentrate that’s the perfect size for smaller koi ponds. To use, simply toss a water-soluble dye packet into the water or, if you are using the liquid dye, just pour it in near the shoreline. Usage rates are 1-packet per acre foot for Water Soluble Packets or 1-quart per acre foot for liquid products.



Bulk Pricing Available

For information on pricing for bulk orders and pricing on sizes greater than 1 gallon or the 30 packet bucket call customer service at 866-519-3772.