The Importance of Mulching Trees and Plants

The Importance of Mulching Trees and Plants

December 18, 2019

Add a Little Mulch

Mulch is a material made from decaying leaves or compost that can be placed over or around the soil of plants and trees. Mulching your greens can be very beneficial.

Retains Water

Plants need water to help them grow and survive. Mulch aids in the retention of water in the soil, helping the roots to remain moist.

Prevent Weeds

No one wants to see weeds in their garden or around their plants. Rather than having to remove and kill them, weed growth can be prevented by adding some mulch.

Provide Organic Matter

It’s a good thing when mulch begins to decompose. It provides organic matter that shelters earthworm and helps microbe growth, which is beneficial to plant growth.

Help your plants grow with a little mulch. If you want to restore the color of your mulch, you should purchase mulch dye from Solarogen.