Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Landscape to Make it Look More High Value

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Landscape to Make it Look More High Value

September 16, 2021

You might not think that landscaping can make a significant impact, but it can make your property stand out. If you are in the market for some simple upgrades to spruce up your landscape & get more value for your property, read on! 

Upgrade Your Greenery 

The yard & greenery around your home is some of the most important things about your property. If your grass is dead or dry-looking, it will immediately turn people off to the space. In some locations, it is practically impossible to keep your grass hydrated & healthy. In those instances, you can use Solarfast & have your yard looking like new in no time at all. The results are instant & are entirely harmless for the environment. Solarofast is an excellent tool for realtors to quickly fix a dry-looking yard attached to the home they want to sell.


  • 1.0 gallon plastic jug

  • 2.5 gallon plastic jug

  • 5.0 gallon bucket for large-scale jobs


  • Yours in a convenient 32 oz. spray bottle for quick touch-ups

Add Color to Water Features

Pond dye is used as a new form of landscape design to highlight your landscape, celebrate a special occasion, or create a focal point out of your water feature. Whatever the purpose, pond dyes can add personality to your landscape.

  • Black Pond Dye highlights your surrounding landscape, acting as a mirror; your pond will reflect the beauty around it.
  • Blue Pond Dye will accentuate your water features. The blue color will draw out the natural beauty of your pond, fountain, or lake.
  • Red Pond Dye is perfect for special occasions. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, representing your favorite sports team, or supporting a local awareness campaign, the red dye will add personality to your yard.

Solarogen’s pond dyes are non-toxic & non-hazardous to water for ponds, lakes, or fountains. To order your new pond dye visit today.

Mulch Dye

Another easy way to spruce up your outdoor area is with new mulch. However, mulch can fade & look lower quality over time. Enter mulch dye. Our goal with Solarogen mulch dye is to create a high-quality look while making staying economical & ecologically friendly. In addition, our mulch dye will last longer & create a significant impact. 

We offer mulch dye in three colors:

Multiple options allow you to decide how you want to change your space with various colors.