Problems Caused By Excessive Algae in Ponds

Problems Caused By Excessive Algae in Ponds

December 18, 2019


The appearance of algae in your pond is a sign of problems to come. Not only is algae is unsightly but can be the cause of death to the aquatic life found in ponds. If you’re a business owner that relies on your ponds for aesthetics or use, excessive algae can put a damper on your business.

Problems Caused by Algae

A pond filled will algae is not a pretty sight. It can cause a damper on business if you rely on your landscape for visitors.

Excessive growth can prevent the mixing of oxygen through the water. Lack of oxygen will eventually lead to the death of aquatic plants and fish.

Algae can also lead to health problems for those who accidently ingest the algae-ridden water. Both humans and non-aquatic animals can be affected by this water.

Pond Dye

To combat this problem try using pond dye. The dye will diminish the growth of algae by reducing the amount of sunlight penetration. Solarogen sell dyes that can color ponds, fountains, and lakes. For more information about ordering call (866)519-3772.