Benefits of Lava Rock

Benefits of Lava Rock

December 18, 2019

One of the main reasons to maintain a garden is to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape for your home. Instead of the normal brown, wood chip mulch, why not add some fire to your garden?

Enter: Lava Rock.

Lava rock is an extremely effective, very beautiful alternative to liven up the colors and growth of your garden! It can be either dark red or black and create a striking visual. The minerals that make up the rock are perfect mirrors of the traits of mulch with the added perks of absorbing heat throughout the day and releasing it at night to maintain a temperature median that will allow your plants to thrive! On top of that, they can act as a great weed suppressant and is perfect for growing organically. Turn your garden into a bedrock of bloom with the unique and exquisite lava rock!

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