Solaron™ Red Pond Dye Liquid | 1gal

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Product Description

Quickly beautify and enhance your lake, pond or water feature with Solaron™ Red Pond Dye is a safe, easy-to-use colorant specially formulated for use in aquifers. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and will not harm fish, plants or wildlife.

Safe to Use in Any Aquatic Environment

Golf and Country Clubs: Recreational facilities put a great deal of effort and expense into grounds keeping. Solaron™ Pond Dye provides an easy, economical way to bring new life to dull, dark water hazards and enhance the scenic views on the fairways and from the clubhouse.

Public Parks and Fountains: Municipal green spaces are so much more inviting when ponds and lakes are maintained with Solaron™ Pond Dye. The color is safe for man-made pools and fountains and will not stain concrete fixtures.

Fish Ponds and Hatcheries: Solaron™ Dye is safe to apply in ponds and lakes used for aquaculture and fish farming. Reducing sunlight penetration into the water obscures and protects your valuable ornamental fish from predators.

Benefits of Solaron™ Pond Dye

Beautifies Water: This concentrated color enhances the appearance of muddy ponds and restores the water to a pleasant, mirror-like appearance.

Protects Fish & Wildlife: Solaron™ Pond Dye reduces sunlight penetration and the darker water provides protective shade for expensive ornamental fish like koi and obscures them from “poaching” by natural predators.

Economical: If you’re applying pond dye for the first time, remember that a little goes a long way. We recommend you apply one packet at a time each day until you reach the desired shade.

Easy to Use: Water-soluble dye packets offer the ultimate in simplicity and control. They prevent accidental staining during handling and dissolve instantly on contact with water. Simply remove a dye packet from its resealable foil pouch or plastic bucket and toss it in the pond. The color begins to disperse immediately and will cover the entire area within 12-24 hours. Solaron™ Liquid Red Pond Dye can be applied directly from its resealable plastic jug. Just pour the dye near the shoreline and it will quickly disperse throughout the water.

Directions for Using Solaron™ Red Pond Dye

Liquid Dye; 1-gallon

Remove the cap from the plastic jug and pierce the foil liner to open. Wear old clothes and protective gloves when handling in case of splashing. Pour the recommended amount of liquid dye near the shoreline of the pond. Allow 12-24 hours for full coverage and evaluate the shade before adding more.

*Packaging Disclaimer

Due to the density of raw materials, there will be discrepancies in fill amount.  All liquid products are packaged and sold by weight per gallon, not by volume. All items are created and packaged to meet industry standards. 

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