Solarobac™ 5000 Beneficial Bacteria

Solarogen, LLC

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Product Description

Solarobac™ 5000 is a beneficial bacteria used to clarify ponds by digesting sludge and muck.  You save when you buy direct from us as opposed to buying from a home and garden store. 

How Can Bacteria Be Beneficial?

When a mechanical separation system isn't economical or simply impractical, Solarobac™ 5000 is a great option for water clarification. Our in-house blend contains strains of live bacteria that digest sludge and reduce dissolved organic particulate. The result: clean and clear pond water.

Ready to Use When You Need It

Solarobac™ 5000 bacteria remain dormant until it is added to the pond. As soon as they are exposed to the pond water they become active and immediately begin to consume the organic matter responsible for cloudy, hazy pond water. Best of all, Solarobac™ 5000 won't create a "rotten egg" odor which is caused by the build-up of toxic hydrogen sulfide.

Benefits of Solarobac™ 5000

When you use our mix of beneficial bacteria to clean up your water features you get a number of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Reduces organic pollution
  • Increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen
  • Creates a healthier ecosystem for pond fish
  • Makes pond water crystal clean and clear
  • Breaks down dead algae

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