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Product Description

When you've got a browned or sun-damaged yard that needs to be brought back to verdant life, you need Solarfast™ Green Patch Lawn Paint. In an easy-to-use spray bottle, ideal for use during dormant seasons and for keeping lawns and green spaces looking green even during water restrictions as a result of drought conditions. Solarfast™ Lawn Paint is eco-friendly and super concentrated for economical and quick application. Its non-toxic and fast-drying formula makes it perfect for use in high traffic areas where else people and pets gather.

Benefits of Solarfast™ Green Patch Lawn Paint

  • High-Quality
  • Doesn't Fade
  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy Application

Due to our in-house testing and quality control processes, you can rest assured that you'll get the strength and consistent color you've come to need in every spray bottle of our Green Patch Lawn Paint. Made, mixed and packaged right here in High Point, NC, you can take pride in knowing that you're supporting small, American businesses with every purchase. 

Another great aspect of our Green Patch Lawn Paint is that it's fast-acting when properly applied and allowed to dry. In other words, it won't rub off on clothing, pets or anything else that touches it. Guaranteed not to fade for a minimum of thirty days, it has even been known to last as long as ninety days — that's the whole summer! 

Directions for Using  Solarfast™ Lawn Paint

  1. Plan Ahead:  For optimal results, apply when the grass is dry and no rain is forecast for 24 hours. Allow 12-24 hours for sufficient drying time. Avoid application during windy conditions to prevent drift and overspray.
  2. Protect Your Surroundings: Spread plastic sheeting over walkways and driveways. Use a sheet of cardboard or spray shield to mask areas you don’t want to color. Wear gloves and old clothing — this product will stain clothing.
  3. Spray the Paint on the Lawn: For consistent coverage, maintain a distance of 9-10 inches between the sprayer head and the grass. Proceed by spraying back and forth, slightly overlapping each pass to prevent bare spots.

Available in Other Sizes for Every Application   

Whether you've got a few patches in your front yard that need touching up or a whole fairway to regreen in early spring, we've got the right sized package for you. Choose from our small spray bottle of Green Lawn Paint or our super-sized five-gallon drum for big jobs.

*Packaging Disclaimer

Due to the density of raw materials, there will be small discrepancies in fill amount.  All liquid products are sold by weight per gallon, not by volume.  All items are created and packaged to meet industry standards.  

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