Copper Sulfate Fine Feed Grade

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Product Description

Fine Feed Grade Copper Sulfate is a widely used algaecide and parasite treatment for ponds. It effectively controls many species of both filamentous (mat-forming green) algae and planktonic (single-cell blue-green) algae. Another common use for these chemicals is as a molluscicide for the control of snails and slugs.

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How to Treat Your Pond With Copper Sulfate

Although every situation is different and you should first read the warnings and indications on the labels. Use with caution in ponds that contain fish because overuse can cause a sudden algal die-off which will deplete O2 levels in the water and cause the fish to asphyxiate. The three most common modes of application are shown below:

  1. Spraying Solution on Pond Surface: Simply dissolve the minimum dose required in the indicated volume of water and spray the solution evenly over the surface of the water.
  2. Broadcasting: Dry Copper Sulfate can be distributed on the water surface using an air blower. This apparatus will blow these crystals over the surface of the pond. Naturally, during the application, the wind direction is an essential factor and needs to be considered when choosing your method.
  3. Injection in Water: A solution of Copper Sulfate and water should be prepared that can then be injected into the water by means of tubing or a weighted hose.

How to Store Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate Pond Treatment products should be maintained in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. Keep containers of this Pond Treatment chemical sealed well. Solutions of Fine Feed Grade Copper Sulfate should be stored in tanks made of 316 Stainless Steel or plastic tanks.

Benefits of Fine Feed Grade Copper Sulfate

  • Works as an economical and effective algae control product
  • Helps relieve Swimmer’s Itch
  • Controls leech populations
  • Granulated for easier application

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